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Manhattan Farms was born in 1987 in the kitchen of its founder, Leslie Scrimshaw. It thrived in the concrete jungle of downtown Vancouver, to an acreage in the BC interior and then onto High River Alberta. It was with mixed feelings she decided to give up her business. Being unable to continue the day- to-day the operation, due to her battle with MS. This is where I came in. I purchased Manhattan Farms in March of 2005. I have always had a fondness for gardening but mostly flowers in the past and growing the vegetables just seemed like a natural progression to me. Learning from Leslie about 'Heirloom' and 'Open Pollinated Seeds' has given me more of a desire to grow and save my own seeds. This is the direction that Manhattan Farms will be heading in the future.

Manhattan Farms has once again returned to the interior of BC, and within the near future I will be planting and producing our own organic seed to bring Manhattan Farms full circle.

Leslie will stay on board to assist with new collection and product lines along with advising me with her many years of experience. I look forward to offering these seed collections and earth friendly products to more and more people. In the catalogue I have a line of Indigenous Wildflowers of North America. As well I have begun to offer all of the collections in the popular envelopes and city gardener boxes. Some stationary products round out the selections. Six recipe cards and canning label styles have been created for the cooks amongst us. To go with our wild flower seed packs I have card blanks that make them into great seed cards to send off to your friends. Flower pressers may find these a welcome addition as they make a great frame for your creations.

We are looking forward to a great growing season. Good gardening.



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