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Seed Saver Kit


Seed Saver KitEach kit comes includes a 32 page “Seed Saver Volume One: Self Pollinated Annual Vegetables” booklet, a “Short Course in City Gardening” booklet , 25 Seed Saver Envelopes, one ounce of Silica Gel and 10 packages of heirloom seeds:

  • Golden Greek Pepperoncini Peppers
  • Serrano Peppers
  • Red Cherry Tomatoes
  • Yellow Pear Tomato
  • Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean Brown
  • Contender Green Bush Bean
  • Lincoln Shelling Pea
  • Mammoth Melting Sugar Snow Pea
  • Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
  • Merveille de Four Seasons Lettuce.

Price $28.00




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